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Cold Laser Therapy


Cold Laser Therapy 

Cold laser therapy is an innovative treatment modality that can reduce inflammation and pain while promoting your body’s natural healing response. Laser therapy paired with Chiropractic Care is an effective treatment that can manage pain levels, stimulate nerve regeneration and ease inflammation to help patients heal from injuries or chronic pain.

What can Cold Laser Therapy paired with Chiropractic Care treat?

  • Inflammation - A treatment for inflammation can reduce swelling and alleviate any pain that inflammation may cause.
  • Sprains - Low-level light therapy can improve blood flow to areas that have poor circulation, promoting a sprain to heal more quickly.
  • Strains - Cold laser therapy can help improve symptoms of a muscle strain, including potential swelling and acute pain.
  • Bursitis - Cold laser therapy can be an effective treatment to manage and improve symptoms of bursitis.
  • Tendonitis - Cold laser therapy is a useful non-invasive treatment for tendonitis—Patients looking for relief without undergoing surgery can seek laser therapy to help.
  • Arthritis pain - Low-level laser therapy is an effective way to manage pain associated with arthritic joints.
  • Scar Tissue - Cold Laser helps by promoting more cellular activity and increasing blood flow in order to rebuild new, healthy tissue.


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