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Why Identifying Your Migraine Triggers Is So Important

Why Identifying Your Migraine Triggers Is So Important

Migraines are more than simple headaches. A neurological disease that can bring your day to a sudden halt and keep you in silence and darkness for days, migraine pain often follows an activity, condition, or event called a trigger.
Feb 12th, 2024

Leading Causes of Shoulder Pain

Most shoulder pain stems from tendons in the rotator cuff of the shoulder. The rotator cuff stabilizes the joint, the most mobile in your body. However, the shoulder is a complex joint and other soft tissue may be the source of pain.
Feb 7th, 2024

5 Lifestyle Tips for Managing Arthritis Pain

Arthritis includes over 100 conditions affecting the joints and causing pain, stiffness, and inflammation. Here are five things you can do to help manage arthritis pain.
Jan 3rd, 2024

The Most Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

When you’re living with back pain, finding out what caused it helps you most effectively treat it. Here, we explore a few of the most common reasons for this issue.
Jan 3rd, 2024